UCAS Applicants

Located in the capital’s city-centre, DBS is Ireland’s largest independent college with a student population of over 9,000 with an ability to deliver over 100 accredited programmes.  The College specialises in the provision of career focused business and law education as well as the delivery of contemporary programmes in the areas of arts, media, social science, humanities and psychology. This is an exciting time for you as you lay the foundations for the rest of your life. At DBS we will do all that we can to help you to make the right choices for your future and a programme of study at DBS will give you the best possible start in your career. 

Dublin Ha'penny Bridge

There can be few better cities than Dublin, the capital of Ireland, in which to enjoy your time as a student.  Dublin city is a vibrant blend of old world culture and modern day society, it is this mix that gives Dublin it’s personality and makes it one of the most charismatic of all European cities to visit. It is a city that will take you to its heart and ensure that your time spent here is unforgettable. With favourable tuition fees compared to our close neighbours, DBS represents fantastic value for money with top quality educational experience and outcomes.

Level 6 Bachelor Degrees (UK qualification framework) are equivalent to Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degrees in the Irish Framework. A table illustrating this comparison across all the frameworks is helpful in explaining this.

Entry Requirements

A levels /GCSE

Applicants applying for an Honours Degree (level 8) course must obtain a minimum of four GCSE Passes at grade C or higher plus two A-Level passes at grade C or higher. Some programmes will require Maths and English (or both). Applicants applying for a Bachelor degree (level 7) or a Higher Certificate must obtain a minimum of four GCSE passes at grade C or higher plus one A level pass. Again some courses will require Maths and English or both.  


Applicants applying for an Honour Degree, Bachelor Degree or Higher Certificate at DBS must have obtained a minimum of a BTEC National Diploma in a cognate area.

Application Process

Applicants under the age of 23 years wishing to apply for a full time Undergraduate course at DBS must apply via the Central Applicants Office (CAO). Applicants must identify their course preference according to two list; level 8 courses and level 7 / level 6 courses. Applicants need to list their courses from one to ten according to preferences. Applicants do get the opportunities to alter their order of preference at certain time points during the application process. To register, access the CAO handbook and get up to date information on application deadlines, please see the CAO website on

Please note that the CAO application process typically does not require Personal Statements, references or interviews but please see specific course details for information on entry requirements.