Volunteer while at DBS

There is a well-known saying that claims ‘Charity begins at home’ and the same could be said of voluntary work! So if you are looking to give volunteering ago then look no further than the four walls of DBS. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and give something back to your College Community right in Dublin Business School including;

DBS volunteers

1. Be a mentor to new students

Do you remember your first week in DBS; how confusing all the door codes were, not to mention all the acronyms? The DBS Mentor Programme was developed to assist new students in their transition to third level education and to Dublin Business School in particular. Our Mentors are students from the School of Arts and the School of Law who are specially trained to help new students settle in. Mentoring may involve walking with students to the different buildings or going for coffee and chatting about how they are getting on. You don’t need any super powers to become a mentor, just some spare time and patience. It is a simple idea that makes a huge difference. The Schools will email second year students over the summer with details of Mentor training in advance of the coming academic year.

DBS Student Trip

2. Join a DBS Society and become part of the Committee

DBS Societies are set up by students, for students! While everyone student can get involved in the events and the activities of a society; it is the students who make up the society’s committee who are the back bone of the group. Committees typically meet once a month/fortnight to discuss the society’s activities, for example, planning events. You do not need any particular skills to become a member of a committee, which usually consists of a President, Treasurer, Secretary and Public Relations Officer (PRO) but you will gain a range of new aptitudes in the process like leadership, budgeting, communication and inter-personal skills. To get involved with any of our current societies or set up a new one please contact the DBS Sports and Societies Development Officer, Adam Crowther.

3. Become a Class Rep

The Class Rep System facilitates a two-way conversation between the College and DBS students. Without Class Reps it would be very difficult for DBS to know what students are thinking and likewise disseminating information from the College to students would be more difficult. Level managers organise Class Reps elections at the beginning of each academic year. Newly elected Class Reps are then invited to attend training with the Education and Welfare Officer so they will be well prepared for their role. For more information on the Class Rep System please contact your level manager or the Education & Welfare Officer, Student Services. Every class needs a Class Rep so why not be yours!

4. Join the Student Council

Like the Class Rep System, the DBS Student Council plays a vital role in the constant improvement of the ‘Student Experience’ here in Dublin Business School. The Student Council is made up of nine students elected from the student body. Students from all programmes across all levels and modes of study are encouraged to put themselves forward for election each November. As well as meeting regularly as a group to discuss projects, members of the Student Council also represent student views on the Academic Board, which is the governing body of the academic affairs of DBS. For more information on the DBS Student Council, its current projects or how to nominate yourself please contact the Education & Welfare Officer, Student Services.