Delivered over a period of 9 months (approximately 1 day of face-to-face time per month), the ELEVEN program is designed to stimulate all of your sensory, learning and cognitive preferences through multi-sensory adaptive learning, while avoiding cognitive overload.

*Optional inclusions. Please contact us to discuss the program package best suited to your individual needs.
  • Pre-programme self-assessment

    Allows you to identify behavioural tendencies, learning preferences and development opportunities in order to create your tailored learning pathway.

  • 9 x face-to-face core workshops

    Delivered monthly, these full-day workshops allow you to work with and learn from our experienced facilitators, as well as a small cohort of 8-10 senior peers. 

  • 9 x online support content

    Choose from a series of case studies, e-learning modules and webinars delivered over the course of the programme to complement and reinforce your learning. 

  • 4 x executive coaching sessions

    Choose from a panel of coaches to provide you with guidance and support, and allow you to discuss your progress and implementation of your learning.

  • 360 post-programme psychometric assessment*

    Provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your ELEVEN journey, followed by a debrief with an executive coach to discuss your results and further development.

Programme Architecture
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