In an environment where the skills and attributes required to excel as a leader are more complex than ever, there is a need for a renewed approach to leadership development. ELEVEN is designed to achieve real and sustained behavioural change through the development of specific behavioural attributes and adaptive thinking abilities.

These ELEVEN attributes of great leadership exemplify the very best of what it is to be human.

Agility is the new essential, and true entrepreneurs find themselves evaluating the need to pivot the business model. Give yourself permission to deviate!

Own your space, welcome truths, be who you are, and create a safe space for others to do the same.

Open your mind to your blind spots no matter how confronting the FIX might be.

Bravery is the enemy of average. Embrace the role of courage and discomfort in leadership.

The cornerstone to relationships. Listen to understand rather than listening to respond.

Tap into your inner child to allow yourself a sense of wonder and original thought.

Know your triggers that prevent true compassion when other people’s differences and choices feel confronting.

Connect divergent dots in new ways to create ideas that break through. Foster an environment that feels uncomfortable for all the right reasons.

Finding your purpose is one of life’s greatest quests. Confront your purpose, stay curious to it, and allow it to evolve when it needs to.

Inspire strength in yourself and others, especially when it feels hard to do.

It takes courage to be yourself. Address the default strategies you use to avoid being vulnerable.

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