Our Global Experts


Milo-Arne Wilkinson

Milo-Arne has over seven degrees in the areas of forensic psychology, neurosciences, organisational psychology and psychotherapy, and is one of the main facilitators and coaches for ELEVEN. Milo-Arne has just recently completed an assignment with Dr Jason Mitchell from Harvard University on discovering the unconscious brain, which will amount to a pre-assessment tool for ELEVEN in 2019.


Natalie Bagnall

Previously a Director in Google, Natalie has over twenty-five years’ experience in leadership roles in complex business environments and has managed large teams across European markets with a specialisation in organisational and people development. Natalie combines this business background with her extensive coaching experience to bring professional transformation to companies and individuals. Accredited and qualified from the Academy of Executive Coaching, Smurfit’s and the IMI, Natalie offers a proactive approach to helping clients modify unproductive patterns and establish more successful ones.


Sandy Wright

Sandy has over 15 years’ experience in corporate leadership, learning and development, and employee engagement in blue chip organisations. Sandy has seen first-hand the effects of negative and positive behaviour on teams, individuals and culture. She gathers a collective experience from years of observations and is an expert in helping people discover a new edge, a new horizon and to act on their aspirations.


Mark Wales

As a former SAS Troop Commander, Mark Wales carries an impeccable military career that took him to Afghanistan on multiple tours, leading elite teams in the toughest environments imaginable. Beyond his years of service, Mark attended a top business school, joined a global consulting firm and established a startup company. Mark now draws on the skills required in business and on the battlefield to educate others on leadership, strategy and peak performance.

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