In today’s dynamic environment where the skills and attributes required to excel as a leader are more complex than ever, there is a need for a renewed approach to leadership development.

ELEVEN at DBS leverages the latest research in behavioural science to deliver a suite of programs designed to unleash potential and create extraordinary leaders. Centred on the development of specific behavioural and adaptive thinking abilities through targeted, interactive and experiential modules, ELEVEN is designed to achieve real and sustained behavioural change

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Eleven is based around (a) Neuroscience - the research that goes into how we think, how we create feelings and belief systems; the impact into the workings of the brain and (b) Psychology - the science of the brain and its impact on social interactions. ELEVEN explores what is acceptable behaviour and what is actual action and how we as humans protect ourselves. It looks at the neural pathways we build and how new ones can be created. It covers what makes us tick; our upbringing and values; our biases and default drivers; what we are triggered by; and how we view people and the conclusions we come to by way of our biases and preconceived ideas. Consistent strong performance as a leader is hard without knowing what’s going wrong. Tactical leadership techniques may not help, it goes deeper into what we’re bringing to the table.

Employers today understand that an individual’s intelligence Quotient (IQ) alone does not define their potential to achieve. Extensive research has shown that, as a leader rises to the top, there is a greater need to use emotional intelligence at a higher level. The way one communicates and behaves towards others is as important as their ability to perform skill based tasks. The old equation of personality + competence = predicted performance does not apply in the current world of disruptive change.



As leaders we operate in a complex, ambiguous, volatile business world and need to be ready for change. Globalisation has created virtual reporting lines, multi locations and dotted line reporting structures. This brings new challenges to managing teams. Digitalisation means the speed of information coming at leaders is huge and frequently changing. Social media has changed how we interact with each other with instant messaging, text and video conference overtaking the phone. The business world is different: rapidly changing, virtual, international. These factors create challenges for leaders.

A knowledge of how one comes across to others, how we are perceived and how effectively we leaders work together remotely, virtually and in-person are more important to succeed. Research tells us that leaders who are more self-aware, more empathetic, stronger in their emotional intelligence are more successful.

Eleven provides psychological concepts to develop winning leadership technique in corporate environments. It doesn’t focus on standard leadership competencies because other courses do that. And traditional leadership training that focuses on techniques address the underlying behaviours that limit leadership effectiveness.

Eleven is unique as it’s the only development platform that has a psychological backbone. It looks at the human propensity to change and, in a business environment where a ‘command and control’ style of leadership doesn’t work anymore, considering the expectations from millennials X-Gen, it provides a different kind of intervention is required.

Improving self-awareness as a leader, the ability to work successfully with others, a knowledge of how one comes across, to be influential in their field and with stakeholders is what will set leaders apart.

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Milo-Arne has over seven degrees in the areas of forensic psychology, neurosciences, organisational psychology and psychotherapy, and is one of the main facilitators and coaches for ELEVEN. Milo-Arne has just recently completed an assignment with Dr Jason Mitchell from Harvard University on discovering the unconscious brain, which will amount to a pre-assessment tool for ELEVEN in 2019. Milo is very excited to partner with Kaplan and Dublin Business School to launch ELEVEN Executive Leadership Programme in Ireland. ELEVEN launched in Australia in 2017 and has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading behavioural science programmes for executive leaders (or soon-to-become executive leaders) who aspire to a higher level or to make a greater impact in their role. By gaining deeper insight into your biases, perceptions and sense of self, the programme is designed to give you the confidence you need to maximise your performance as a leader. ELEVEN was developed by a group of neuroscientists, psychologists, psychotherapists and executive coaches, involving over 900 interviews with executive leaders, the ELEVEN leadership programme is centred on attributes instead of competencies and utilises multisensory adaptive learning specifically designed to provide real and sustained behavioural change.

It begins with a self-assessment of your thinking and learning preferences to create a personal learning pathway completely tailored to you. Delivered over 9 months, the programme architecture comprises targeted, interactive and experiential modules within the contexts of self, others and place to achieve meaningful personal and professional development.




Designed specifically for executive leaders (or soon-to-be executive leaders) who aspire to a higher level or to make a greater impact in their role, this programme is designed to give you the confidence you need to maximise your performance as a leader.

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Created specifically for aspiring, new or mid-tier leaders who are driven to create change and take their leadership potential to the next level, this programme is designed to empower you to lead with trust and transparency, while building your confidence, agility and resourcefulness.

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Inspire employees with a thought-provoking seminar, interactive workshop, or bespoke leadership programme, tailored to your organisation’s needs. These immersive experiences will challenge your people to explore and unleash their full potential.

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