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Online Diploma in Cybersecurity

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Programme aims and objectives:

The threat of cybersecurity and the increasing risk of cyber-attacks to industry have been well documented. Cyber attacks have become more sophisticated, more frequent, more targeted and progressively more difficult to detect.

More than one third of businesses in Ireland have experienced a cyber-attack so far in 2017, according to the Dublin Information Sec 2017 survey of Irish businesses*. The risks associated with IT and cybersecurity are a key concern for all businesses given their potential to have serious implications for prudential soundness, consumer protection, financial stability and the reputation of the business.

As a result, organisations must be aware of the risks and understand their responsibilities. The ability to recognise cyber security risks and the management of those risks will ensure the continued successful growth of businesses.  

T​he Online Diploma in Cybersecurity will provide participants with an understanding of modern cyber security challenges such as compliance, risk management, data governance and cybersecurity in project and change management. 

Additionally, participants can expect to learn the skills required to create, implement, operate and continuously improve an information security management system based on ISO27001.

Learning outcomes of this programme include:

  • Identifying organisational objectives for cyber security

  • Critical assessment of contractual, statutory and the regulatory environment of the organisation

  • Implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment and risk management process

  • Reduction of potential information security incidents in your organisation

  • Application of cyber security concepts and the principles of day to day operation of business units

  • Understand and critically assess technological aspects of cybersecurity

  • Implement and operate a continues improvement process

  • Prepare and plan an internal cyber security audit

Student profile

This programme is suited to anyone who may play a role in cyber security management. Typically participants on the programme will include both those currently employed within the IT industry as well as those seeking to develop a career as cyber security professionals.  Cybersecurity professionals are coming from a range of backgrounds that don’t solely include IT.  To effectively manage security, companies require personnel who understand risk as well as the legal and financial aspects of managing data and compliance auditors.

If you are an SME owner, risk and compliance professional, IT professional or simply want to learn more about cybersecurity, then you will benefit from this programme. 

DBS Student Facilities

Online Learning Environment - is an eLearning system designed to provide you with a range of course material, interactive education sessions, and is home to your virtual online classroom which will enhance and support your learning experience within DBS. 

DBS Online Library - The Online Library provides a programme of introductory videos and virtual classroom sessions in the areas of Library resources, essay writing skills, avoiding plagiarism and referencing to assist you in your studies. These will be facilitated through the DBS Online Learning Environment prior to your commencement on the Diploma programme.

DBS Virtual Community of Learners – You will become part of DBS Online’s Virtual Community of Learners where you can network and share with your fellow online students.




​Course Content

1. What does it mean to manage cyber security

2. Overview of cyber security management systems

3. Legal aspects of cyber security

4. Defining the scope and objectives for cyber security management systems

5. Overview of modern cybersecurity challenges

6. Overview of cyber security technologies

    a. Firewalls

    b. Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention System

    c. Monitoring and log management systems

    d.  Application of artificial intelligence in cyber security

7. Introduction to cyber security risk assessment

    a. Defining the risk

    b. How to perform a simple risk assessment

    c. Risk assessment case study

    d. Formal Risk Management Models and Tools

8. Introduction to cyber security risk management

    a. Control Focused Risk Management

    b. Event Focused Risk Management

    c. Reporting of risks

    d. Risk prioritisation, and risk treatment

    e. Management of long term risks

9. Continuous improvement and progress tracking

    a. Defining control areas e.g. Access Control, Human Resource Security, Operation Security, Mobile Device Management

    b. Management of improvement initiatives

    c.  Audit program

10. Incident Management

    a. Key components of Incident Handling Plan

    b. Objectives for Incident Handling

    c. Incident handling case study

    d. Incident management as part of business continuity management


To be awarded the Online Diploma in Cybersecurity, participants will be required to complete assignments. 


The DBS ​Online Diploma in ​Cybersecurity will be run wholly online including workshops, tutorials and programme assessment.

Career Opportunities

Cybersecurity is an in-demand field with strong demand from employers across a range of industries for skilled professionals in this area. Growing cyber-attacks, demand for safe and secure data, and other concerns mean that a wide range of companies are seeking suitably qualified professionals.



The fee for this Online Diploma is €1,500. This is inclusive of tuition, registration, exam fees and DBS library membership. This fee must be paid in full before the course begins. 


Next Steps

Apply here or contact us by email or phone +353 (1) 4177500.

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Course overview

Awarding Body: 
Dublin Business School
Schedule: ​
Online delivery
- 1 online class per week, start time 7.30pm (TBC) 
- 1 weekly podcast
- 1 online clinic with lecturer for questions and queries
Intake: ​​W/C 12 March 2018 (​TBC)
Duration: 12 weeks

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