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DBS Open Evening
8th January 2019

Why attend?

DBS Open Day provides an opportunity to visit our excellent city centre facilities, speak with our lecturers and find out why success happens here. Learn more about any of our programmes: Full Time Undergraduate, Professional Diploma, Postgraduate, Professional Accountancy, Evening Degrees, Springboard+, ICT Skills, International Programmes or Online courses at DBS.

Who is it for?

DBS offers a range of programmes to suit you. Whether you're ready to begin an undergraduate degree, want to take the next step with a postgraduate course or aiming boost your career with one of our evening programmes, DBS Open Evening will provide you with all of the information you need to help find the right course for you.

Where can I register?

You can register online for the event. The more information you can give us about what area(s) you are interested in, the better equipped we will be to answer all of your questions on the night. If you're not quite sure what you want to study, come along and explore what DBS has to offer. Speaking to our dedicated staff may help you discover the best field of study for your personal goals.

Do I need to be there at 5pm sharp?

We understand that due to work and personal commitments, you may not be able to make it at 5pm, and our open evenings cater for attendees who arrive at any time between 5-7pm. We aim to provide you with a personalised one-to-one experience with our lecturers and admissions staff to allow you to find the course that suits you.

Any questions?

If you have any questions before or after this event, feel free to get in touch with our Admissions team by phone on 01 417 7500 or by email at [email protected].

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