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Register for an Upcoming Open Event

Open Event: December 5th

Come along to our Open Evening on Tuesday December 5th, in our ​Aungier Street building, between ​​​​5 and ​7pm.

Open Evenings are an ideal chance to visit the college, find out about our courses and speak face to face with lecturers from across the areas of Business, Arts, Computing, Law and more. You can speak with DBS lecturers and staff from all areas of the college, to discuss the course of your interest, and find the programme that's right for you.

DBS Open Event

5 Reasons to attend a DBS Open Day:

Open Events are a great way to get a feel for the college, and figure out if it's the right place for you.

There are many good reasons to attend a DBS Open Event, and here are our top five:
1. Meet our lecturers - Speak to lecturers from all the different faculties and get a real insight to what each course offers, how the course is structured and how you will be assessed.

2. See our facilities - Take the chance to get a feel for the college and see what our lecture theatres are like along with our other facilities such as the library, common room and canteen.

3. Advice - If you're not sure what course to apply for or which career path you would like to take, don't worry; our admissions and academic staff can help advise you of your options and help pick the right course for you.

4. Student Experience - Get an insight into the many different sports and societies on offer at DBS. These include sports such as football and swimming through to film and dance.

5. Discover the local area - Experience our city centre location, just three minutes from Grafton Street, and the vibrant local atmosphere which includes a variety of restaurants, cafes and leisure activities.