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HCI funded programmes through CAO

HCI funded programmes through CAO

Tomorrow's careers start here - DBS is offering four fully-funded STEM degree courses as part of the government Human Capital Initiative (HCI) scheme.

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector

Have your ever thought of a career in IT/ICT or were not quite sure if IT/ICT was for you, well with the right qualifications and skills, companies will strive to attract the best people for the job. Ireland is a global technology hub, with sixteen of the top twenty global technology firms, nine of the top ten US ICT companies and four of the top five IT service companies locating strategic operations in Ireland. The ICT sector is a driver of Ireland’s productivity growth, a key contributor to the economy, as well as a driver of exports and high quality, highly paid employment.

Demand for ICT skills is expected to rise with increased jobs being created – growing from 85,000 in 2018 to 139,000 by 2022, across all sectors of the economy. This encompasses both replacement demand and additional demand driven by growth within the technology and wider sectors. Over this period it is expected that ICT jobs will increase from 11,594 in 2018 to 17,795 per annum by 2022.

DBS HCI Programmes

As part of the Government Human Capital Initiative (HCI), DBS are delighted to announce that we have been allocated 182 extra places in 2021 across our four programmes outlined below. This means, there are no Tuition Fees for these programmes and students will only have to pay a €1,500 registration fee if they are successfully offered a place through CAO in August 2021.

The CAO programmes included are:

BSc (Hons) Computing (CAO Code: DB500)

BSc (Hons) Computing (Data Analytics and Big Data)  (CAO Code: DB502)

BA (Hons) Business (Information Systems)  (CAO Code: DB524)

BA (Hons) Business (Cloud Computing)  (CAO Code: DB526)

This is a great opportunity for you to gain an ICT/Computing qualification in an area of skills shortages in the Irish Economy.

The above offer applies to EU students only  where application is made through the CAO.