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DBS Alumni Stories: EI Alumni Award Winner Balaji Jayaraj

DBS Alumni Award 2019 | India

DBS graduate Balaji Jayaraj (MSc. Management Practice), recently received an EI Alumni Award at the Education in Ireland Alumni Awards held in Mumbai, India. 

Balaji was recognised for his efforts as an outstanding ambassador for an educational institution at the EI awards; hosted by The Ambassador of Ireland to India, Brendan Ward and other dignitaries from Education in Ireland and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Balaji joined DBS in 2014 to complete his Masters in Management Practice. He was an active member of the student body whereupon he was elected as class rep and volunteered as a library committee member. 

Aside from his extracurricular efforts, Balaji was a dedicated student who applied himself to his academic study and projects, graduating with accomplished results from his Master’s programme. 

Following his graduation in 2015, Balaji returned to India. He credits his time with DBS in developing “an interest in academic research”, and this interest would spark a desire for further education and personal development.

“Once I came back to India…I started to work on my PhD application”, he says, adding that he was appointed as ‘Research and Development Director’ at Raini Industries India. He completed his PhD in ‘Organisation High Performance’.

“I have gained knowledge from academics at DBS, family business, and global exposure in Ireland. I have developed and started a new venture ‘BJ360’ focusing on Personal and Professional Development.“

“BJ360 is a Personal and Professional Development company focusing on people who wish to develop themselves in all aspects,” he explains. “The Personal part is focused on Fitness and Wellness, Nutrition…Lifestyle etc. Professional focuses on Critical thinking, Problem solving, Mind Mapping, Dynamic thinking, Leadership skills, Decision Making, Time Management, Global Exposure, Stress Management, Internal and External Communication skills, Public Speaking, Self-motivation, Self-esteem, Self-enhancement.”  

Balaji stresses the importance of networking when it comes to personal and professional development, “(this is) done by having tie ups with some of the pioneer companies and experts in the respective fields”.

His entrepreneurial endeavours took him to the UK, where he was invited by Coventry University London to attend their Enterprise Hub as a guest speaker. Whilst there he had the opportunity to speak with students, sharing his own entrepreneurial journey as well as promoting his coaching business. 

His company focuses on customised coaching and training programmes, tailored to individual’s unique requirements. They specialise in one-to-one based training sessions, which he believes reflects their client-centric brand ethos. 

The company has grown and now employs a team of 15-20, with offices located in Chennai, India. Balaji has experienced continued success and was honoured recently by the Lincoln University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who awarded him the title ‘International Youth Icon 2019’.

For further information on Balaji’s company click here.