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Information for Upcoming Exams

Please note our main exam period commences this coming Saturday, 28th April.


For your convenience, please be sure to read the following information:

  • Exams in DBS can be in any of our buildings. Be sure to check the exam timetable for location.

  • Please be sure to arrive on time, taking due notice of public transport options, traffic and potential delays. 

  • Late arrivals are permitted up until 30 minutes after the exam start time. 

  • You may not leave the exam hall during the first 30 minutes or last 30 minutes of the exam.

  • The temperature in Dublin is forecast to drop this weekend. Please bring appropriate clothing as the exam venue is a large open hall which can be slow to heat.

  • Bring pens, calculator (if required), student ID and water

  • Ensure any translation dictionaries are free of notes, otherwise, they will be taken from you, with no replacement given.

  • Check or for public transport options.

  • Parking is available on site at the exam venue, at a price of €7/day.

  • There are no study rooms available before the exams.

  • Please don't bring any valuables into the exam hall. There will be an unmanned communal bag drop area at the top of the hall for belongings. DBS will not be responsible for any items lost or stolen. Phones may not be brought to your table.

  • Seating plans for the exams in the RDS will only be available in the exam hall before the exam. There are no seating plans for exams in DBS.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact us in advance.


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