Links with Industry

Over 36 years our team of academic specialists have designed tailored programmes which focus on organisations corporate strategy by developing business knowledge and management skills. This process requires us to work very closely with our clients to fully understand the training needs for the organisation as well on a one-to-one basis with the participants to assess any additional support required. This partnership is an integral element to our approach when designing a bespoke training programme. 

The results of this process are the learning outcomes which meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Bespoke training programmes DBS has designed and delivered include:

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Dell Computer Corporation: – consultative and transactional sales (specifically the Sales Transformation Programme which won a CCMA Skillnet award in 2009), technical help desk and Train the Trainer.



IBM: – project management, customer service, communications and personal development.


An Post

An Post: – service to sales transformation programme involving retail selling and management development 

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Eircom: – The Graduate Diploma in Business Studies was designed and delivered as a Management Development Programme. This programme ran successfully acting as a progression pathway for many participants into more senior positions.


Hertz European Shared Services Centre: – A comprehensive Management Development Programme was designed specifically for the call centre staff of Hertz. This programme was delivered at the Hertz Shared Service Centre in Swords Business Park and addressed the competencies required of all levels within the call centre. DBS is now a preferred provider of training for Hertz.

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Oracle: – DBS delivered the BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance Programme specifically for the staff members of Oracle. The Programme was delivered both at the Oracle offices in East Point Business Park, Dublin 3, and on site at Dublin Business School.



Lidl: – The Bachelor of Business in Retail Management was designed specifically for Lidl as a pathway programme into store management. The programme is accredited at Level 7 on the NFQ by HETAC. Delivery of this programme is facilitated through DBS lectures and work based evaluations. DBS is now heading into its sixth year of delivery of this programme.


Microsoft: – DBS formed a partnership with Microsoft for the delivery of a tailored Finance for the Non-Financial Manager Programme. This programme was designed for Microsoft’s Procurement Management Team and ran successfully over multiple deliveries. DBS has also partnered with Microsoft again in Springboard, the government initiative for the unemployed.


Dublin Funds Industry Association

Dublin Funds Industry Association: – In addition to the relationship with the Institute of Bankers, DBS also ran a Certificate and Diploma Programme in partnership with the Dublin Funds Industry Association. This programme ran for a number of years. Hundreds of participants took part in this programme, representing all major companies within the financial services sector.

As a direct result of our corporate partnerships, DBS conducted research with a wide range of employers across all sectors which identified a number of generic skills that employers require from employees in the workforce. 

The findings of this research informed an institution wide, work based learning programme: DBS Advantage. DBS Advantage is an initiative which gives students the opportunity to engage in a development programme run parallel to their academic studies that prepares students for the workplace. It has long been recognised that the role of third level is not simply to impart knowledge but to contribute to maintaining a competitive and a ‘smart’ economy, and also to play a valuable part in the holistic development of the person. Part of this development relates to the fostering of ‘transferable’ or ‘generic’ skills in individuals. Examples of such skills are communication skills, planning, leadership, multi-tasking etc. – skills that are essential not just in learning or work situations, but in all areas of life. DBS Advantage assists DBS students in developing these important skills.