DBS, QQI & the National Framework of Qualifications

The National Framework of Qualifications comprises ten levels, with each level based on specified standards of knowledge, skill and competence. Awards at Levels 6 to 10 are made by QQI, DIT and the Irish Universities.

Dublin Business School offers courses leading to QQI awards at Level 6 (Higher Certificate), Level 7 (Ordinary Bachelor Degree) and Level 8 (Honours Bachelor Degree).

The following diagram illustrates the current National Framework of Qualifications.
The diagram illustrates the outline National Framework of Qualifications. The 10-level structure is shown as segments in a fan. The Framework contains an initial set of 15 award-types. The award-types are listed in the outer rings of the diagram.

The diagram also illustrates the various awarding bodies whose awards are included in the Framework. These are shown as coloured bands extending across the levels of the Framework as appropriate.
We at DBS see the introduction of the National Framework as an important step towards assuring students as to the quality and comparability of our certificate and degree awards.

To quote the National Qualifications Authority, "The introduction of the Framework, which sets the overall standards of many awards, together with the measures taken by the awarding bodies and (course) providers to build and monitor the quality of awards, will further enhance and guarantee the overall quality of awards made in Ireland.

You can view a PDF of the qualification framework.
 National Framework of Qualifications image



Marketing Student of the Year

Dublin Business School is proud to announce that Patrick Scott, a student on the Higher Certificate in Marketing has been awarded Marketing Network Marketing Student of the Year for 2011. In addition to the prestige of such a title (the competition was open to all final year undergraduate and postgraduate students in Ireland) Patrick has also secured a 3-month paid work experience at Marketing Network.